Why were Grant’s men surprised when they started marching south rather than north after the wilderness?

Why were Grant’s men surprised when they started marching south rather than north after the Wilderness? – They had lost so many men already. -Roads were difficult to travel on.

What incidents ensured a Confederate loss at Chattanooga?

What incidents ensured a Confederate loss at Chattanooga? Sherman arrived with 20,000 troops. Bragg chose a siege rather than a major attack. Longstreet left with 15,000 men.

Who is Rosecrans chief staff?

Col. Julius Peter Garesché, who served as Rosecrans’s chief of staff, was the highest ranking Hispanic officer killed at the Battle of Stones River. Born near Havana, Cuba, in 1821, Garesché graduated from West Point in 1841 and fought in the Mexican War.

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Why did the prisoner exchange program between the North and South fall apart?

Why did the prisoner exchange program between the North and South fall apart? -The war escalated into a very brutal, long-lasting conflict. -Individuals were not very interested in keeping the agreements. -General Grant wanted black and white prisoners to be treated the same way.

Why didnt grant go around the wilderness?

Grant himself would move with the Army of the Potomac and attack Lee. Grant specifically did not want to fight in the Wilderness, where the narrow roads would restrict the number of men that could fight and the dense woods would cancel the Union advantage in artillery.

Why did General Lee surrender?

Fact #4: Lee decided to surrender his army in part because he wanted to prevent unnecessary destruction to the South. When it became clear to the Confederates that they were stretched too thinly to break through the Union lines, Lee observed that “there is nothing left me to do but to go and see Gen.

Who led the Confederate Army at Gettysburg?

After a great victory over Union forces at Chancellorsville, General Robert E. Lee marched his Army of Northern Virginia into Pennsylvania in late June 1863. On July 1, the advancing Confederates clashed with the Union’s Army of the Potomac, commanded by General George G. Meade, at the crossroads town of Gettysburg.

What problem plagued Lincoln as the war wore on?

The answer would have to be D. The only problem he was mostly worried about, was the problem of slaves.

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Who won Battle of Chattanooga?

With the help of reinforcements from General Joseph Hooker and General William Tecumseh Sherman, the Federal forces defeated the Confederates in the Battles of Lookout Mountain (see photograph) and Missionary Ridge and lifted the siege; by the end of the month the Confederate army was in retreat into Georgia.

What was Rosecrans nickname?

William Starke Rosecrans (September 6, 1819 – March 11, 1898) was an American inventor, coal-oil company executive, diplomat, politician, and U.S. Army officer. William Rosecrans.

William S. Rosecrans
Resting place Arlington National Cemetery
Political party Democratic
Military service
Nickname (s) “Old Rosy”


Who stood between Rosecrans and Chattanooga?

After being pushed out of Middle Tennessee and Chattanooga, Bragg defeated Rosecrans at the Battle of Chickamauga, fought September 18, 19, & 20, 1863. He then besieged the Union army in Chattanooga until November, when forces under the command of General U.S. Grant forced him to retire into Georgia.

What started the Battle of Chattanooga?

The Battle of Chattanooga was launched on November 23 when Grant sent General Thomas (1816-70), who was dubbed the Rock of Chickamauga for standing his ground against the Confederates at the Battle of Chickamauga) to probe the center of the Confederate line.

What was the prisoner exchange controversy?

After reviewing correspondence from the Confederates, Butler had an idea that the rebels would exchange captives without regard to their “color, caste, or condition.” Since the Federals held twice as many prisoners as their opponents, Butler proposed that a renewal of the exchanges would deplete the number of prisoners

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Which best describes how Union soldiers treated Lee after his surrender?

Explanation: The Union soldiers treated Lee after his surrender with great respect. Grant had great respect for Lee and, before they got down to surrender terms, he actually made some small talk with Lee.

What event enraged the union that they refused to engage in any future exchanges of prisoners with the Confederacy?

The Trent Affair was a diplomatic incident in 1861 during the American Civil War that threatened a war between the United States and the United Kingdom. The U.S. Navy captured two Confederate envoys from a British Royal Mail steamer; the British government protested vigorously.

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