What is Malcolm Turnbull net worth?

As of 2015, his estimated net worth is in excess of A$200 million.

Is PETA credlin married?

Credlin is married to Brian Loughnane, a former federal director of the Liberal Party of Australia, since December 2002.

Who did Scott Morrison replace?

Scott Morrison

The Honourable Scott Morrison MP
Prime Minister Tony Abbott
Preceded by Tony Burke
Succeeded by Peter Dutton
Member of the Australian Parliament for Cook


Why is Clive Palmer so rich?

Mineralogy. In 1985 and 1986 Palmer founded three companies which undertook mining exploration in Western Australia (WA). These included Mineralogy, a company which in 2006 had 160 billion tonnes (160×109 long tons; 180×109 short tons) of iron ore reserves in the Pilbara Ranges, in remote northern Western Australia.

What is Clive Palmer worth?

Businessman and politician, Clive Palmer, became a billionaire in 2019 when his company, Mineralogy, benefitted from a flow of iron-ore royalties. Palmer currently has an estimated net worth of $9.76 billion, following a significant increase from last year’s estimated $4.5 billion.

Is Chris Kenny a journalist?

Chris Kenny (born 1962) is an Australian conservative political commentator, author and former political adviser. He is currently a columnist for The Australian newspaper as well as the host of a weeknight current affairs program, The Kenny Report, and weekly media program, Kenny on Media, on Sky News Australia.

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Is Scott Morrison left or right?

The Liberal Party of Australia is a major centre-right political party in Australia, one of the two major parties in Australian politics, along with the centre-left Australian Labor Party. The party’s leader is Scott Morrison, the incumbent prime minister, and its deputy leader is Josh Frydenberg.

Who is Scott Morrison’s wife?

Jennifer Morrison (née Warren; born 8 January 1968) is the wife of Scott Morrison, the 30th Prime Minister of Australia.

Is Scott Morrison Labour or liberal?

The Morrison Government is the federal executive Government of Australia led by the Prime Minister of Australia, Scott Morrison of the Liberal Party of Australia since 24 August 2018.

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