Who is the chief of staff in the West Wing?

Leo Thomas McGarry is a fictional character played by American actor John Spencer on the television serial drama The West Wing.

Leo McGarry
First appearance “Pilot”
Last appearance “The Cold”
Created by Aaron Sorkin
Portrayed by John Spencer Sterling K. Brown (A West Wing Special to Benefit When We All Vote)


Who is CJ Cregg based on?

From the beginning of the series until the sixth season, she is White House Press Secretary in the administration of President Josiah Bartlet. After that, she is Bartlet’s chief of staff. The character is inspired by Clinton’s press secretary Dee Dee Myers, who served as a consultant to the show.

Does CJ stay as chief of staff?

Chief Of Staff. C.J. resigns as Press Secretary. Midway through Bartlet’s second term, Leo McGarry suffered a near-fatal heart attack and was forced to resign his position as White House Chief of Staff.

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How old is Josh Lyman?

Josh Lyman

Josh Lyman (in universe; office holder)
Succeeded by Cliff Calley
Personal details
Born Joshua Lyman 1961 ( age 59–60) Hartford, Connecticut, U.S.
Alma mater Harvard University Yale Law School (JD)


Why did they kill Mrs Landingham?

Landingham got killed off ‘The West Wing’ in a car accident. After word got around the office Mrs. Landingham purchased her first new car, the president asked her to come back to the White House after picking it up so he could see it.

Will Bailey ruined West Wing?

The West Wing His absence was filled by a new character, Will Bailey. Reactions to Will are somewhat mixed. But a lot of fans really hate him and feel that the show went downhill after Sam (and, soon after, Aaron Sorkin) left. I ruined The West Wing.”

Did CJ sleep with Hoynes?

C.J., however, seems more than reasonably distressed by the whole incident. She pays Hoynes a visit to give him a warning, and it becomes clear that she was one of the women with whom the Vice President had an affair. C.J. later relates to Toby how deeply she regretted sleeping with Hoynes.

Do Danny and CJ get together?

By the time of the Bartlet Presidential Library dedication, taking place three years in the future (circa 2009-2010), Danny and C.J. are living together in Santa Monica and have a baby together.

How can I be like CJ Cregg?

Now is the time for you and me and everyone we know to start living our best lives, and C.J. is going to help us do that.

  1. Focus Your Energies. Giphy.
  2. No More Fake Friends. Giphy.
  3. Stop Canceling On Your Real Friends.
  4. Self-Care, Self-Care, Self-Care.
  5. Trust Your Gut.
  6. Go For That Job You Want.
  7. Question Authority.
  8. Treat Yo’ Self.
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Why is CJ Cregg the chief of staff?

Cregg selected to replace Leo McGarry over other members of the staff? CJ was chosen because she consistently displayed that she could rise above politics and care about what was right and just. After years in the White House she hadn’t lost that. This was a consistent message of the series as a whole.

Does Leo quit as chief of staff?

In an eerie parallel to life, his character on “The West Wing,” Leo McGarry, suffered a heart attack last season that forced him to give up his job as chief of staff to President Josiah Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen.

Why did Josh not become chief of staff?

Josh was far too toxic on the Hill. Rahm Emanuel left the Clinton administration in 1998 and worked on Wall Street before being elected to Congress. He was out of the Executive Branch 10 years before becoming Chief of Staff, he needed a cooling off period because everyone hated him.

Why did Rob Lowe leave West Wing?

Why did Rob Lowe leave The West Wing as Sam Seaborn? Actor Lowe was part of The West Wing when it first launched in 1999 in the role of Deputy White House Communications Director. There were reports at the time Lowe had left The West Wing over a pay dispute after not getting a salary rise.

Who does Sam Seaborn end up with?

This article describes a work or element of fiction in a primarily in-universe style.

Samuel Seaborn
Occupation Deputy White House Communications Director (seasons 1-4) Deputy White House Chief of Staff (last episode of season 7)
Family Unnamed father
Spouse an ex-fiancée – Lisa Sherborne
Nationality American
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Why did Josh Lyman leave West Wing?

After a meeting with Texas Congressman Matt Santos, he urged Santos run for the presidency. Josh subsequently left his position at the White House to act as campaign manager for the Santos/McGarry for a Brighter America campaign, and was appointed Chief of Staff when Santos emerged victorious.

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