How long has Leo the chief of staff known the president?


Leo Thomas McGarry January 20, 1999 — September 2005 Pilot; The Birnam Wood
Claudia Jean Cregg September 2005 — January 20, 2007 Third Day Story; Tomorrow
Joshua Lyman January 20, 2007 — Present Tomorrow

Why was Leo written off West Wing?

In an eerie parallel to life, his character on “The West Wing,” Leo McGarry, suffered a heart attack last season that forced him to give up his job as chief of staff to President Josiah Bartlet, played by Martin Sheen.

What was Leo McGarry before Chief of Staff?

His friend and fellow air force pilot Ken O’Neill carried him on his back in the jungle for three days. Prior to working in the White House, McGarry had been Secretary of Labor during a presidency prior to the beginning of the show.

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When did Leo die on West Wing?

Los Angeles, California, U.S. John Spencer (born John Speshock Jr.; December 20, 1946 – December 16, 2005) was an American actor. He is best known for his role as Leo McGarry on the NBC political drama series The West Wing. His performance on the show earned him a Primetime Emmy Award in 2002.

Who becomes VP after Leo dies?

Matt Santos

Matt Santos (in universe; office holder)
Vice President Eric Baker
Preceded by Josiah Bartlet
Succeeded by Unknown
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Texas’s 18th district


Why did CJ become chief of staff?

C.J. succeeds Leo McGarry as White House Chief of Staff in the sixth season (halfway through Bartlet’s second term) after McGarry suffers a heart attack at Camp David. She is recommended by Leo himself, giving the President a list of “just one name”.

Why did they kill Mrs Landingham?

Landingham got killed off ‘The West Wing’ in a car accident. After word got around the office Mrs. Landingham purchased her first new car, the president asked her to come back to the White House after picking it up so he could see it.

Did Mrs Landingham die in real life?

Landingham on The West Wing, died Friday, June 1, of lung cancer. She was 72. It was The West Wing, though, that solidified her spot as a beloved character actress. While she didn’t have a large role, Joosten was so beloved that when Sorkin killed Mrs.

Do Zoe and Charlie end up together?

Several episodes in Season 2 bring about the subject of Zoey and Charlie developing an interest in each other, with President Bartlet skeptical about letting his daughter begin dating. After proving himself trustworthy, Charlie and Zoey end up together!

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Does Rob Lowe leave West Wing?

The full statement said: “We regretfully confirm that Rob Lowe will amicably depart The West Wing in March after completing 16 episodes. “We appreciate his numerous contributions to the success of the series and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

Does Toby get with CJ?

Toby /Sam takes third place in seasons one and three, although it was briefly eclipsed by Josh/Sam in season two. The only relationship that has been steadily becoming more and more prominent is CJ / Toby. POTUS/ Toby and Leo/ CJ interaction both saw a reduction in season two, and are getting back on track now.

Do Donna and Josh end up together?

This very brief moment in the series finale is basically an exhale for long term Josh – Donna fans. The fact that they wake up together in this episode, which takes place after that four-week period is over, signals to viewers that Josh and Donna did indeed, finally, end up together.

Why did Sam Seaborn leave?

Part of the show’s charm and success is due to the beloved character of Sam Seaborn, played by beloved actor Rob Lowe. Despite his charm and charisma, Sam was written out of the show in the fourth season as a result of disagreements over pay and the diminishing size of his role on the show.

How much did West Wing actors make?

Background. Each of the principal actors made approximately $75,000 per episode, with the established Sheen receiving a confirmed salary of $300,000. Rob Lowe left the series in the fourth season reportedly due to not getting a salary increase.

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Who dies in the West Wing?

Spencer died following a heart attack in a Los Angeles hospital on December 16, 2005, four days before what would have been his fifty-ninth birthday. West Wing cast mate Stockard Channing was visiting with Spencer at the time of his death. He was buried in Laurel Grove Memorial Park in Totowa, New Jersey.

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