What memory does the chief try and recall when he is being shaven?

Chief remembers the time when he went bird-hunting with his father, hoping the memory will help him forget his current fear. He recalls how the bird was safe as long as he kept still, but if it moved because of his fear, Papa would be able to shoot it.

What is revealed about McMurphy during the meeting?

During the meeting, the patients tear into Harding’s sexual problems. As a new participant and observer, McMurphy tells Harding that the meeting was a “pecking party”—the men acted like a bunch of chickens pecking at another chicken’s wound. He warns them that a pecking party can wipe out the whole flock.

What does Chief say to McMurphy?

His ability to speak causes Chief to tell his life story to McMurphy. He says that his father’s name was Tee Ah Millatoona, which means “The-Pine-that-Stands-Tallest-on-the-Mountain.” He says that his white mother began at 5’9″ tall but eventually grew bigger than Chief or his father together.

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What does Chief see when he looks out the window?

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest He recognizes McMurphy as a man in control of his own life. During the night, Chief awakens and notices that all the fog is cleared. He unties himself and looks out the window, where he observes a dog sniffing gopher holes by the light of the moon.

What is Chief Bromden afraid of?

” Bromden is particularly afraid of being shaved because of the possibility that the orderlies might implant a machine in his brain as they shave near his temples. In addition to paranoia, the chief also experiences hallucinations.

Is Chief Bromden schizophrenia?

Taken together, Chief experienced a pattern of characteristic psychotic symptoms (delusions and hallucinations), with social dysfunction, lasting beyond 6 months.

Why does Cheswick kill himself?

Charles Cheswick The first patient to support McMurphy’s rebellion against Nurse Ratched’s power. Cheswick, a man of much talk and little action, drowns in the pool—possibly a suicide —after McMurphy does not support Cheswick when Cheswick takes a stand against Nurse Ratched.

What is McMurphy trying to change when they vote for the first time?

The narrator, Chief Bromden, describes how, at McMurphy’s instigation, the men in the ward vote to change the TV schedule so they can watch the World Series, and in this seemingly simple act, rebel for the first time against Nurse Ratched’s irrational rules and question her absolute power.

How does McMurphy manipulate the doctor?

McMurphy manipulates Dr. Spivey just as he manipulates the rest of the men on the ward—by figuring out what he wants and then letting him think that he’s getting it.

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What mental illness does McMurphy have?

Jack Nicholson’s R.P. “Mac” McMurphy, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest’s protagonist, has Anti-Social Personality Disorder, three times more likely in men than women.

Why does the chief kill McMurphy?

When Chief Bromden sees McMurphy’s lobotomy scars at the end of this movie, he realizes that the hospital has made McMurphy into an obedient zombie for life. That’s why Chief decides to kill McMurphy. In his mind, this is the only way to give Mac back his freedom.

How does McMurphy know Chief isn’t deaf?

In Chapter 6, McMurphy tells Chief Bromden that a black orderly is coming, and Chief immediately gets into bed. Later, McMurphy tells Chief that he saw him jump when he told Chief this information, so McMurphy knows that Chief is not deaf.

Does McMurphy win or lose the wager?

McMurphy finally persuades Bromden to raise his hand, but Ratched says the vote is closed. She screams and rants at them for breaking the schedule, and McMurphy wins his bet that he could make her lose her composure.

What evidence suggests that McMurphy is pretending to be insane?

What evidence suggests that McMurphy is pretending to be insane? When McMurphy firsts enters the ward he introduces himself as a gambler and hints at the fact that he pretended to be insane to switch from a work camp to the ward. The others think he insane because he is different and outgoing.

Why does Nurse Ratched always want to be in control?

She seeks to control the patients in the ward with a sense of totality that is beyond question and above reproach. The doctors are only peripheral because the ward is hers, and she ensures that her embrace of rules and order is done to consolidate her own power of the patients.

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