Why did Daniel Gillies Leave Saving Hope?

Creatively, we have spent three seasons with a love triangle storyline between the characters of Alex, Charlie, and Joel, and we felt it was time to move in a different direction as we head into a new season.

Does Dana die on Saving Hope?

In Season 2 Episode 12 she was diagnosed with breast cancer by Alex. She was also operated on by Dr. Alex Reid and Maggie Lin. In Season 4, her cancer returns and she is to undergo treatment again. Dana Kinney.

Dr. Dana Kinney
Name Dana Kinney
Gender Female
Status Alive
Occupation Chief of Plastic Surgery Interim Chief of Surgery

What happened to Alex and Charlie on Saving Hope?

Shortly after the birth, Charlie got to see Joel Goran (who had died) as he left. When Joel is just about to leave he says “take care of them”. Also after the birth, Charlie and Alex get back together. Charlie died in the Series 5 finale after being pronounced brain dead after a car accident.

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Who does Joel end up with in Saving Hope?

Joel Goran
Occupation Orthopedic Surgeon
Affiliation Hope Zion
Cause of death Died of a bomb explosion
Relationships Alex Reid Deceased (on/off girlfriend (True Love/Soul Mate) Maggie Lin (ex-girlfriend) Dana Kinney (slept with) Sonja (ex-girlfriend) Selena (slept with)


Is Alex from saving hope really pregnant?

Alex Reid. She was also a producer on the series and directed the season four episode “Torn and Frayed.” In season 3, Durance’s real-life pregnancy was worked into her character Alex Reid and the series. Saving Hope ended its run in 2017.

Who is the father of Dr Alex Reid’s baby?

Alex Reid

Alex Reid -Harris
Spouse(s) Charlie Harris (husband; deceased)
Relationships Joel Goran (on/off boyfriend deceased)
Parents Frank J. Reid ( father; deceased) Martha Reid (mother; deceased)
Children Luke Harris (son) Charlotte Harris (daughter)


Was saving hope Cancelled?

Shortly after the Canadian supernatural medical TV show, Saving Hope began in 2012, it soon attracted a lot of viewers mostly in Canada and then in the United States. However, after five seasons and 85 episodes later, it was canceled to the disappointment of its legion of fans in 2012.

Does Maggie Leave Saving Hope?

It is too bad that CTV released the synopsis for episode 12 “Shine a Light”, its Christmas episode ahead of tonight’s episode. Because in that synopsis, it revealed that Maggie will be a okay. Even though knowing Maggie’s fate, it was a bit emotional seeing her spirit feel lost.

Does Charlie have brain cancer on Saving Hope?

Season 4 of Saving Hope literally ended with a bang on Sunday night as an unexpected visitor made a surprise visit. Just as the audience was able to breathe a sigh of relief at Charlie recovering from brain surgery to remove a tumor, they must now wait until next season to find out the outcome of the shooting.

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Who did Alex Reid have a baby with?

Chantelle Houghton and her cage fighter fiancé Alex Reid celebrated the arrival of their first child yesterday. Celebrity Big Brother winner Chantelle, 28, gave birth to a baby girl yesterday morning, and both mother and baby are said to be happy and healthy.

Does Charlie wake up from his coma?

Last week’s episode of Red Band Society ended on quite a cliffhanger: Charlie (Griffin Gluck) appeared to wake up from his coma, staring blankly up at the ceiling while Dash (Brian Bradley) called out for him in the ghost hospital.

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