Who were the main generals in World War 1?

1. John Pershing. John J. Pershing is well remembered for commanding the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) in Europe on the Western Front during the First World War.

Who was the Chief of the German General Staff from September 1914 to August 1916?

General Erich Georg Sebastian Anton von Falkenhayn (11 September 1861 – 8 April 1922) was the second Chief of the German General Staff of the First World War from September 1914 until 29 August 1916.

Who was the American chief of staff during WWII?

George Catlett Marshall, (born December 31, 1880, Uniontown, Pennsylvania, U.S. —died October 16, 1959, Washington, D.C.), general of the army and U.S. Army chief of staff during World War II (1939–45) and later U.S. secretary of state (1947–49) and of defense (1950–51).

Who was the German army chief of staff in 1914?

Chiefs of the German General Staff

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No. Chefs des Großen Generalstabs Left office
3 General der Kavallerie Alfred von Schlieffen (1833–1913) 1 January 1906
4 Generaloberst Helmuth von Moltke the Younger (1848–1916) 14 September 1914
5 General der Infanterie Erich von Falkenhayn

Did any generals die in ww1?

Over 200 generals were killed, wounded or taken prisoner; this could only have happened in the front line. Between 1914-18, around 12% of the ordinary soldiers were killed.

Who was the worst general in ww1?

Major- General Sir John Davidson, one of Haig’s biographers, praised Haig’s leadership, and since the 1980s many historians have argued that the public hatred in which Haig’s name had come to be held was not fully deserved. Douglas Haig, 1st Earl Haig.

The Earl Haig
Service/branch British Army
Years of service 1884–1920
Rank Field Marshal

Who created the General Staff?

Although the name general staff was sometimes applied to high military staffs in the 18th century, the institution did not appear in its modern form until the early 19th century, in the Prussian army, and in other European countries after 1870. The U.S. Army created a general staff in 1903, the British army in 1906.

How big was the Prussian army?

Prussian Army
Branch Army
Type Land forces
Size Ranging between 70,000 and 700,000 during the period.
Garrison/HQ Potsdam

What happened to Fedor von Bock?

Bock —along with his second wife and his stepdaughter—were killed by a strafing British fighter-bomber on 4 May 1945 as they traveled by car towards Hamburg.

Why did Japan attack us?

The Japanese intended the attack as a preventive action to keep the United States Pacific Fleet from interfering with its planned military actions in Southeast Asia against overseas territories of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and the United States.

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What was the longest battle of WWII?

It was the longest battle on German ground during World War II and is the longest single battle the U.S. Army has ever fought. Battle of Hürtgen Forest.

Date 19 September – 16 December 1944
Result German defensive victory

What is J7 in military?

J7 stands for Joint Civil- Military Operations.

Who was Hitlers architect?

What is Albert Speer known for? Albert Speer served as Adolf Hitler ‘s chief architect (1933–45) and minister for armaments and war production (1942–45).

What were German generals called?

German Army

Promoted Name Notes
1914 Moriz von Lyncker Chief of the Military cabinet
1914 Friedrich von Scholl adjudant general of the Empire
1914 Helmuth von Moltke the Younger Chief of the German General Staff
1914 Max Freiherr von Hausen Minister-President of Saxony and German Army commander


Who was head of Wehrmacht?

Legally, the commander-in-chief of the Wehrmacht was Adolf Hitler in his capacity as Germany’s head of state, a position he gained after the death of President Paul von Hindenburg in August 1934.

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