What is the Pentagon’s address?

The Pentagon is the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense.

The Pentagon
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Location Jefferson Davis Hwy./VA 110 at I-395, Arlington, Virginia
Area 34 acres (14 ha)
Built 1941


How do I contact the army chief of staff?

phone (703) 614–0615, fax (571) 256–3366 Chief of Staff.

How do I contact the Department of the Army?

Agency Details

  1. Website: U.S. Army.
  2. Contact: Contact the U.S. Army.
  3. Local Offices: Army Recruiter Locator. Find Army Installations.
  4. Phone Number: 1-703-695-6518.

How do I email the Department of Defense?

Contacts. News media representatives with questions for the Department of Defense may reach the DOD Press Office by calling +1 (703) 697-5131 or by sending e- mail to [email protected] mail.mil. A duty press officer is available by phone 24 hours a day.

Can you visit the Pentagon?

It is open for official tours through the Pentagon Tours program. Pentagon tours must be reserved at least 14 days in advance and no more than 90 days in advance. Tours are conducted Monday-Thursday (excluding federal holidays) from 10 a.m.- 4 p.m. and from 12 – 4p.

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Is jinho going to the military?

Jinho enlisted as an active duty soldier back in 2020.

Who is current Army chief of staff?

Chief of Staff of the Army | General James C. McConville | The United States Army.

Who is present Chief of Indian Army?

Chiefs of Army Staff

Name Tenure
General Bikram Singh 01 June 2012 – 31 July 2014
General Dalbir Singh Suhag 31 July 2014 – 31 December 2016
General Bipin Rawat 31 December 2016 – 31 December 2019
General Manoj Mukund Naravane 31 December 2019 – Incumbent


Who does the Army chief of staff report to?

The 40th and current Chief of Staff of the Army is General James C. Chief of Staff of the United States Army.

Chief of Staff of the Army
Appointer The President with Senate advice and consent
Term length 4 years Renewable
Constituting instrument 10 U.S.C. § 3033


What is the Army email address?

Army: [email protected] army.mil. Navy: [email protected] Marines: [email protected] Air Force: [email protected]

How do I find an army soldier?

Find Active Duty Military Personnel. The quickest way to find someone in the military is to visit the official Servicemembers Civil Relief Act website. The form can be used to request a certificate that verifies active duty status on a specified date.

Can you look up active military personnel?

If the person you ‘re trying to find is currently on active duty, and you know their rank, name, and where they are stationed, finding them is pretty easy. Every military base has a “base locator.” You can usually locate the military member you ‘re looking for with a simple phone call.

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What falls under the Department of Defense?

The Department of Defense is responsible for providing the military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of our country. The major elements of these forces are the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force, consisting of about 1.3 million men and women on active duty.

What is the Army address for taxes?

Address: Defense Finance and Accounting Service, U.S. Military Annuitant Pay, 8899 E. 56th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46249-1300.

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