What services do forward support companies provide to their support battalion?

Typically, an FSC (whether it belongs to a BCT or an engineer battalion ) provides field feeding, vehicle and shop maintenance, fuel and water support, and distribution operations.

Who is in charge of maintenance platoon leader?

6-40. The maintenance platoon sergeant is the platoon’s second in command and is accountable to the platoon leader for the leadership, discipline, training, and welfare of the platoon’s soldiers. He coordinates the platoon’s maintenance and logistical requirements and handles the personal needs of individual soldiers.

What assistance can the Combat Sustainment Support Battalion?

A CSSB can be attached to a sustainment brigade to support the brigade combat teams and support brigades assigned to a corps with maintenance, transportation, supply, field services, and distribution functions. The CSSB is task-organized with the subordinate units necessary to carry out its mission.

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What is the first step in the load planning cycle?

A load plan life cycle comprises the following phases:

  1. Phase 1: Define load plan.
  2. Phase 2: Generate load plan.
  3. Phase 3: Execute load plan.
  4. Phase 4: Monitor load plan.

What are the eight principles of sustainment?

FM 4-0 introduces the eight principles of sustainment that guide commanders in the operations process—in planning, preparing, executing and assessing sustainment operations. The eight principles are: integration, anticipa- tion, responsiveness, simplicity, economy, survivability, continuity and improvisation.

What form would you use to request an airlift or airdrop?

Which form would you use to request an airlift or airdrop? a. DD Form 1974 5. Which of the following is a characteristic of the C-130J-30 Super Hercules?

What is a BSA army?

BSA. Brigade Support Area. Sustainment, Military, Intelligence. Sustainment, Military, Intelligence.

What does BSB stand for Army?

296th Brigade Support Battalion

296th Brigade Support Battalion (296th BSB )
Branch United States Army
Type Logistics
Role Combat Service Support
Garrison/HQ Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington

What is the sustainment brigade designed to provide?

The sustainment brigade is designed to provide mission command for combat support and combat service support units. It can be adjusted in size to support anywhere from one to ten brigade combat teams (BCTs). (TSC) When in theater, a sustainment command (expeditionary) will report to the theater sustainment command.

What command do we need to incorporate that will provide sustainment support?

Plan and execute sustainment, distribution, theater opening, and reception; stage onward movement for Army forces within the spectrum of conflict as directed by the TSC commander.

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What level of army command can become an intermediate tactical headquarters?

When required, a corps may become an intermediate tactical headquarters under the land component command, with operational control of multiple divisions (including multinational or Marine Corps formations) or other large tactical formations.

What companies are in a Cssb?

  • Headquarters and Headquarters Company.
  • 23rd Ordnance Company.
  • 240th Quartermaster Support Company.
  • 317th Supply Maintenance Company.
  • 515th Transportation Company.
  • 66th Transportation Company.
  • 51st Transportation Company.
  • 493rd Petroleum Support Company.

What are the 11 steps in assembling the unit deployment movement plan?

551-88N-0003 (SL3) – Plan Unit Move

  • Identify what needs to be moved.
  • Identify what needs to accompany troops.
  • Identify what needs to be moved by air.
  • Identify hazardous, sensitive, and classified. material/equipment.
  • Identify bulk cargo.
  • Develop vehicle load plans.

What is the most important thing to remember when planning cargo load?

Plan and Monitor Loading and Discharging of Cargo The most important factor or the ultimate reason of the port stay is loading and discharging of containers, hence the first priority should be the same.

What is the fourth component of the route synchronization plan?

a. Command and signal What is the fourth component of the route synchronization plan that, among other things, includes providing logistical request procedures for rest and refueling? a. Identify the service support Which of the following steps involved in creating and assigning a transportation movement release (TMR)?

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