Who was the former president of Syria?

List of officeholders

No. Name (Birth–Death) Elected
18 Hafez al-Assad (1930–2000) 1971 1978 1985 1991 1999
Abdul Halim Khaddam (1932–2020)
19 Bashar al-Assad (1965–) 2000 2007 2014 2021


Who was the commander of Syrian army?

Syrian Armed Forces

Syrian Arab Armed Forces
Headquarters Umayyad Square, Damascus
Commander -in-Chief Marshal Bashar al-Assad
Minister of Defence General Ali Abdullah Ayyoub


Who is the leader of the Free Syrian Army?

Jamal Maarouf
Nationality Syrian
Known for Leader of the Syrian Martyrs’ Brigade
Military career
Allegiance FSA (2011–present)

When did Hafez Assad come to power?

1987. Hafez al-Assad (6 October 1930 – 10 June 2000) was a Syrian who served as President of Syria from 1971 to 2000.

Who is ruling Syria now?

Bashar al-Assad

Marshal Bashar al-Assad
Allegiance Syria
Branch/service Syrian Armed Forces
Years of service 1988–present
Rank Marshal
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What religion is Syrian President?

The religion of the President is Islam (Article 3) A candidate must be supported by at least 35 members of the People’s Assembly (Article 85)

Why has the Syrian war lasted 10 years?

Foreign powers began to take sides, sending money, weaponry and fighters, and as the chaos worsened extremist jihadist organisations with their own aims, such as the Islamic State ( IS ) group and al-Qaeda, became involved. That deepened concern among the international community who saw them as a major threat.

Why is Syria in war?

The war started in 2011, when Syrians enraged by corruption and emboldened by a wave of “Arab Spring” protests across the region took to the streets to demand democratic accountability for their leaders.

How many have died in Syrian Civil War?

Estimates of the total number of deaths in the Syrian Civil War, by opposition activist groups, vary between 494,438 and about 606,000 as of June 2021. On 23 April 2016, the United Nations and Arab League Envoy to Syria put out an estimate of 400,000 that had died in the war.

What happened to the Free Syrian Army?

A formal organization at its founding, its structure gradually dissipated by late 2012, and the FSA identity has since been used by various opposition groups. In late 2011, it was considered the main Syrian military defectors group. It had success against vastly better armed government forces.

What human rights have been violated in Syria?

  • Abuses by the Syrian -Russian Military Alliance, Use of Unlawful Weapons.
  • Obstacles to Humanitarian Aid and Reconstruction.
  • Arbitrary Detentions, Torture, and Enforced Disappearances.
  • Violations by Anti-Government Groups.
  • Violations by Turkey and Turkish-backed Factions.
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Are there rebels in Syria?

The war is currently being fought by several factions, including the Syrian Armed Forces and its domestic and international allies, a loose alliance of mostly Sunni opposition rebel groups (such as the Free Syrian Army), Salafi jihadist groups (including al-Nusra Front and Tahrir al-Sham), the mixed Kurdish-Arab Syrian

Was there a coup in Syria in 1963?

The 1963 Syrian coup d’état, referred to by the Syrian government as the 8 March Revolution (Arabic: ثورة الثامن من آذار‎), was the successful seizure of power in Syria by the military committee of the Syrian Regional Branch of the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party.

Is Syria in North Africa?

The Arab World consists of 22 countries in the Middle East and North Africa: Algeria, Bahrain, the Comoros Islands, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Yemen.

Is Syria still at war?

Despite waning international interest, the humanitarian crisis sparked by the Syrian civil war is far from over. The U.N. estimates that 13.1 million people are in need of assistance—a number that could continue to rise if the fighting in Idlib is not brought to an end.

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